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catboys: Ritsuka from the Loveless manga (Ritsuka solo)

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Name:Loveless and other manga/anime with catboys!
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:For Loveless and other manga/anime with catboys
This is a community for all lovers of catboys in anime and manga, primarily for Loveless (by Kouga Yun), but all other catboys are welcome as well. :)

Here you can share your thoughts about your favourite catboy manga/anime characters (yes, even those who've lost their ears), fanfic, fanart, essays, discussion topics etc. If you post links to downloads or to scanlated chapters of manga/fansubbed episodes of anime, please set the security of the post to members only, thank you.

And please, if you know of other great catboy manga/anime than Loveless, post a rec so that others can get to know them too! As we find out about more catboy series, they will be added to the interest list.

As for rules, it's mostly the usual:

1. No flaming/hating/character-bashing/ass-hattery. Try to be nice, because we all want to be friends here, m'kay?
2. Post links to downloads or scanlated/fansubbed material as members only (locked).
3. Post fanfic and fanart under a cut, but with headers outside the cut so people know what they're clicking to see.
Headers are helpful for readers and should include title, fandom, pairing or characters, rating, a summary, and a note about content if there's anything you think people should be aware of before clicking the cut (rape, non-con, violence, kinks, or triggering content). This part could work both as warning for those who want to avoid anything like that or enticement and advertising for those who are looking for these things.
4. NC-17 or mature content is welcome here, but put this under a cut as well, and let people know it's mature or adult content.

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